What to Discuss with a Landscape Contractor

Assemble your notes, pictures, drawings and a copy of your lot plan, for the first meeting.  

Discuss your budget freely. The landscape contractor can suggest the most economical approach to achieve what you are looking for.

Inquire about the firm’s qualifications: number of years in business, staff experience and educational training/certification.

Ask for a list of references and contact each one. If possible, visit some completed projects.

Inquire about professional affiliations such as membership in Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association.

Ensure the contractor has proof of sufficient insurance coverage (Liability and Workers’ Compensation).

Ask about warrantees; what is covered, what is not.

Be absolutely clear about the contractor’s terms of payment and date(s) of completion.   

Get it in writing! Prior to making any agreement, have the contractor prepare the details in writing; read and ensure you understand the contract. The points discussed above should be included.

Some points to consider for landscape construction work:

  • Are all contractors providing their quote based on the same quality of materials and workmanship?
  • Be prepared for the presence of equipment, personnel and material (access to your property, equipment noise, space for construction material and waste).
  • Is work being done as specified? On schedule (weather permitting)?
  • Get a detailed list of maintenance instructions for any installed materials (plants, landscaping material, irrigation, lighting or other equipment).

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